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Personality Profile

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Numerology report: Personality profile

An in-depth perspective of your personality which will reveal things about your strengths and weaknesses, talents and the traits that were given to you from birth. 

This report is between 30-33 pages in length and will show you your karmic numbers, master numbers, life path, hidden and heart desires and what balances you. It also helps you to understand the cycles that have had an impact on you from birth until maturity, something that may help gain a new perspective on your lessons and growth. 

The report is sent via email within 3 working days provided I have all the required details. 

Please include the following for your report:

Your full name (first, middle, last) at the time of birth 

Your full date of birth 

The name you currently go by (How you would introduce yourself in a social setting - first and last name)

The email you would like this report sent to 

Please include this information in the notes section of your order OR email it directly to me at