About Me

Originally from the Oregon coast in the United States, I moved to the UK in my early 20’s and embraced the British life. My journey as a clairvoyant medium began nearly 30 years ago.

I became aware of my intuitive abilities during childhood, when I realised that the world worked differently for me than for others. I had assumed all that time that everyone else was having the same experiences as me and recall in my youth having very vivid dreams and images coming to my mind believing it to be normal. It was through my natural knowledge, respect and curiosity for the other side, that I began to make those realisations about my world versus the world of everyone else around me. 

I have also had the honour of being featured in Sona Bhatnagar M.D's book 'Grief Healed: A Physician's Guide to Dealing with Grief and Thriving' Sona is one of the most beautiful souls - you can find her on griefhealed.com and see the incredible work that she is doing. 

My love of people, cultures, and their stories has taught me so much about humanity and these souls of ours. I do not take for granted the privilege it is to be invited into the lives of others. 

Besides my intuitive work, I am blessed to be married to my Soulmate and our family is very heart of my life.

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can contact me at insight@mesinasanders.com